Find YOUR Perfect Match

Finding the Perfect Match in one’s love life can prove… well… tricky! But when it comes to your food, we have it covered!

All our “Tigglets” are much more than meets the eye and can be handled as either a dressing, sauce, marinade, relish or dip!

Like us, they have particular characteristics or personality traits, and have short, seductive ‘lonely heart’ bios to help you select, such as the wildly popular “Sweet Original” who claims to be…

“a flexible and all-round good guy with mediterranean tastes, seeking all foods from cool salads to dishy meats for a saucy experience”

If you are yet to taste some Tigg’s or would like some more help selecting, then why don’t you TRY OUR QUIZ BELOW and we shall suggest which Tigglett might be your match!

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